Aleppo Soap Stain Remover

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This stain-removing soap made in Aleppo, is made exclusively of olive oil. Recognised for its cleaning and degreasing qualities in its saponified form, olive oil is the main ingredient of this natural Aleppo soap.

It may be used on dry linen, in addition to detergent, to remove stubborn stains.

To Use: Wet your stain-removing soap and rub it energetically over the encrusted stain. Place the clothing item straight in the machine, and use your usual wash programme. Your washing comes out beautifully clean ! This soap works on all types of stains: fat, grass or fruit.

Net weight: approx. 200 grams. Keep in a dry place.

The Al NAJJAR family has been making authentic Aleppo soap, since 1895 in accordance with ancient craft traditions. This expertise has been handed down from generation to generation in the Al NAJJAR family soap works in Aleppo, in the north of Syria.

Every year from late November to late February, the world’s first hard soap is made using an unchanging process. The soaps are then dried for at least nine months. During this period, the soaps oxydise on the surface and take on a yellow/brown colour, while the centre retains the green colour of the composite oils.

This stain-removing Najel Aleppo soap is made exclusively from organic olive oil. Saponified olive oil is a powerful cleaning agent.