Pequi Oil

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This oil is produced by indigenous people in Brazil by collecting the wild fruits which are put into cold Amazonas water for several days (the water is exchanged every hour). The oil which forms on the surface is then removed over several weeks which means the water content is reduced to nil. After several weeks the flesh of the fruits together with the oil is ground down in a large mortar and the mixture is then filtered and filled into containers.

Because of this the resulting is a truly bio active product as it hasn't been boiled for hours. The oil is extremely high in carotin, antheraxanthin, aeaxanthin and lycopin all of which have been proven to be highly anti oxidative, anti inflammatory and support cell regeneration after illness.

  • pleasant citrus aroma with flowery/herbal notes
  • used widely to mask the smell of other raw ingredients
  • smoothes hair and skin 
  • nourishes dry and aging skin
  • high viscosity oil ideal for cream making 

INCI: Caryocar braziliensis (Pequi) Fruit Oil.

Net volume: 50 ml.

Comes in a brown glass bottle with dropper cap.

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