Pet Grooming Brush

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A vegan pet grooming brush, hand made from sustainably grown beech wood. With fine steel bristles that are bent at the top. Embedded in natural rubber. Hand polished and lightly oiled with a mixture of plant based wax and sunflower oil.

  • suitable for dogs and cats
  • could be used on other hairy creatures such as guinea pigs (gently!)
  • to remove loose hair and to create a shiny coat
  • to prevent matting
  • removes dirt and debris 
  • use on dry hair
  • 100% vegan, cruelty free

Do not use excessive force as this may damage your pet's skin. Gently does it.

You can use my hair removal fork tool to remove hair from the brush. Works a treat.

I would not recommend washing this brush as the wood may split if left in water and the bristles may rust. 

All my dogs love this brush as they know they are in for a gentle massage :-).

Size: 11 cm (widest point) x 17 cm x 3 cm (widest point).