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Pure Wipes

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purewipes are a super lightweight 'tablet' that transforms almost instantly, when liquid is added, into a 22 x 24cm durable, all purpose re-useable cloth!

Just Add ... Antiseptic to swab, Toner to cleanse, Water as a chemical free baby wipe OR to Remove makeup.

You can ... Safely clean the inside of your fish tank, your fish will LOVE you for it ... purewipes uses are only limited by your imagination!

Travellers LOVE them, Mothers LOVE them, Beauticians LOVE them, Campers LOVE them, even motorbike enthusiasts LOVE them, great for cleaning muddy goggles after a ride!

purewipes are chemical FREE, alcohol FREE, Preservative FREE, Sulphate FREE, are hypo-allergenic, Multi purpose, Lint FREE, non-toxic, highly absorbant, soft and gentle on any skin type, reuseable and 100% bio-degradable!

You've got to LOVE that!

purewipes are made from 100% Lint FREE compressed cotton, very compact and convenient. They are 100% bio-degradable, so whether you dispose of them or re-use them, they can be thrown into your compost bin with your vegie scraps and they will break down like organic matter.....back into the earth....35 days...leaving NO harmful residues or chemicals.

Contents: 10 wipes in a tube.